Soal UTS Bhs Inggris SMA X Semester 1

Untuk Anda yang akan menghadapi Ulangan Tengah Semester (UTS) ganjil/1, semoga soal ini dapat bermanfaat sebagai latihan. Soal UTS Bhs Inggris SMA X Semester 1 yang terdiri atas 30 soal PG dan 5 soal Essay.

I. Choose A, B, C, D or E for the correct answer !
1. Mr. Romi : Welcome to our class. It’s nice to see you again
Pupils : Nice to see you, Sir
Mr. Romi : Well, I have a new friend for you, Rico. Say hello, Rico !
Rico : Hello, how do you do ?
Pupils : Hello, how do you do
What is Rico’s profession ?
A. a new teacher
B. a new student
C. a headmaster
D. Mr Romi’s son
E. Mr.Romi’s friend
2. Febi : ………………….. to my friend, ineu ?
Ineu : How do you do ?
Isal : How do you do
A. I’ll Introduce
B. just fine
C. Introduction
D. Introduced
E. Let’s me introduce you
3. Rosa : Hello, my name is Rosa. Are you new student ?
Zahra : Yes, I’m Zahra . Nice to meet you
Rosa : Nice to meet you, too. I’m in that class
Zahra : Me too
What do we learn from the dialogue ?
A. They are in the same class
B. They have known each other
C. They have met before
D. They are not new students
E. They want to meet in the class
4. Mr. Dendi : This is Lasmi. She is my wife. Honey, this is Piki
Mr.Piki : Hello, I’m Mr Piki, Mr Dendi’s Friend. Nice to see you
Mr. Dendi : Nice to see you, too
Who is Mr. Dendi ?
A. Mr Piki’wife
B. Mr.Piki’s child
C. Mrs.Dendi’s husband
D. Lasmi’s son
E. Mrs. Dendi’s friend
5. Sandi : I want you to meet Diki, my cousin. He is from Singapore
Ebim : How do you do ?
Diki : …
What is the best response to the statement ?
A. Hi, how are you
B. Nice to meet you too
C. How are you today
D. I’m fine, thanks
E. How do you do
6. Intan : Hi, Indri. How nice to see you again
Indri : Nice to see you too, intan. How is your life ?
Intan :…
What is the best response to the statement ?
A. Well, it’s getting late
B. Pretty good
C. Get some rest
D. Nice to see you
E. Well,I’m afraid I have to be going
7. Asri : The waiter spoiled a cup of coffee on my new trousers
Reisha : ……
What is the appropriate the response ?
A. That’s great
B. That must’ve been awful
C. Really Great !
D. How wonderful
E. I’m pleased to hear that
8. Sisin : Look ! the bird is injured
Pebrian : …
What is the appropriate response ?
A. That’s good news
B. How strange it is
C. You must be sad
D.What a pity
E. What’s troubling you ?
9. Fatwa : Why did you not go to school yesterday ?
Hadi : My grandmother passed away
Fatwa : ……
What is the most appropriate response to say next ?
A.What a shame
B. How strange it is
C. That’s terribly news
D. I condole with you on the death of your grandmother
E. That’s terribly bad luck
10. Rani : Your eyes are red. Are you okay ?
Novi : I’m not feeling well tiday
Rani : You should take a rest
What happens to the man ?
A. He is alright
B. He wants to take arrest
C. He is sad
D. He cries
E. He is unwell
11. Dima : Why is the party postponed next week ?
Alya : …………
What is the suitable response to reply ?
A. Because we still need more money
B. I really like a party
C. I’m going to postpone it
D. My plan is holding a party
E. Next week is holiday
12. Deva : Today is your first day in our school. What are you going to do then ?
Elvin : ……
What is the most appropriate response to say next ?
A. I want to go to your school
B. Because I am a new student
C. I will introduce myself to some students
D. My purpose is to study here
E. The reason is that my father moves to this town
This card is for number 12 and 13
Dear Wini
Congratulation on passing your exam !
By : Surya
13. What can we learn from the card above ?
A. Wini failed her exam
B. Surya passed this exam
C. Wini congratulated Surya for his exam
D. Wini passed her exam
E. Surya congratulated wini for her winning
14. The word “ passing your exam” has similar meaning with ……………..
A. Fail the exam
B. Success in the exam
C. trying an exam
D. preparing an exam
E. Doing an exam
15. Didin : what makes you always smile ?
Nuri : My house became the winner of the cleanest house in our neighborhood
Didin : ……
What is the most appropriate response to say next ?
A. Congratulation for you
B. We are very happy
C. Are you sure
D. Don’t you think so
E. Wow, you are so clever
16. Man : Is that your father’s car ?
Woman : Yes, it is
Man : Wow, that’s wonderful
Woman : Thanks
What does the man compliment ?
A. The woman
B. The woman’s father
C. The woman’s talent
D. The woman’s car
E. The woman’s bag
17. I …………… my parents once a month because I live in a boarding house
A. Meet
B. Has meet
C. Met
D. meeting
E. Meets
18. Mr.Pebrian ……… before. So,he is afraid to sing on the stage
A. Have sung
B. Sung
C. Has sung
D. Song
E. Sing
19. We …………. Fooball at the field on Saturdays
A. is play
B. are play
C. Playing
D. Play
E. have play
20. Windi …………Breakfast at 6o’clock everyday
A. have
B. has
C. had
D. had not
E. having
21. I ……… my assignment.Tomorrow, I will submit it
A. finish
B. finished
C. have finished
D. has Finish
E. finishing
22. Yudi : What a nice dress !
Yola : Thank you very much
The underlined phrase expressing ……
A. congratulation
B. introducing
C. compliment
D. intention
E. showing care
23. Insan : I’m extremely sorry to hear that
Indah : Thank you for sympathy
The underlined phrase expressing …..
A. Care
B. Introduce
C. Intent
D. Congrats
E. Compliment
24. Galih : What’s wrong with your feet ?
Fitria : I fell down from my bike yesterday
Galih : ……
A. How awful
B. That’s good news
C. Great
D. It’s okay
E. What a shame
25. Cecep : What will you do to these newspapers ?
Bella : I will sell them
Cecep : What will you do to your money then ?
Bella : ……
A. I will save them
B. I will go to the bookstore
C. I’m going to sell them
D. I will give the newspaper for free
E. I’m going to throw
Complete the following passage with the suitable words !
Dear Rina. This is Rina. I have you many times,but you didn’t answer my call. 26 …………? We are worried. You haven’t gone to school for three days. 27 ……….. A fews days ago Sari saw you crying, 28 …………. ? we have been friends for two years. Tell me your problem. 29 ……… to solve it. If you hear this message 30……………
A. Do you have problem
B. Call me soon
C. we will help you
D. we miss you
E. what’s happen to you

II. Answer the following questions based on the instructions !
1. You are a new student. What should you mention in your introduction ?
2. Write a dialogue of introducing someone to other !
3. Can you mention five adjectives to compliment someone’s appearance ?
4. What will you do if you have much money ?
5. What will you do if tomorrow is you birthday ?


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