Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas XI Semester genap

Different types of sea mammals
Seals, sea lions and walruses live both on land and in the sea. When on dry land or on ice, they are very clumsy in their movements. But in the water they swim gracefully. They all leave the water for land or ice fields to give birth to their young.
The dolphins and the sea cows are sea mammals. Dolphins and porpoises look alike but usually the dolphins are larger. These animals are mainly fish eaters. Experiments show that dolphins are intelligent and can communicate with each other. They can be trained to perform various kinds of tricks and acts.
The highly intelligent killer whale belongs to the dolphin family. Despite of its scary name, it has never been heard to attack human.
1. This text mainly tells us about….
a. Different characteristic of sea mammals
b. The different of sea mammals community
c. The different behaviors of sea mammals
d. Seals, sea lions, dolphins, sea cows and killer whales belongs to sea-mammals
e. All sea mammals give birth on land
2. Seals, sea lion and walruses are…..
a. Are plant eaters
b. Can perform tricks
c. Can communicate with one another
d. Are not fish
e. Are swift footed sea mammals
3. Which of the following statement is untrue…?
a. Dolphins are usually larger than porpoises
b. Dolphins are trained to perform various kinds of tricks and acts.
c. Sea cows are sea mammals.
d. Walruses lives both on land and in water
e. Porpoises can communicate with each other
4. What is the main idea for paragraph 3?
a. killer whale gives birth on land
b. killer whale is an intelligent sea mammals but never attacks human
c. killer whale belongs to dolphins’ family
d. killer whale does no kill
e. killer whale can swim faster than dolphin
5. The passage uses mostly …
a. simple past tense
b. present continuous tense
c. active voice
d. simple present tense
e. present perfect tense
How to operate microwave
1. Open microwave door. Do not set oven for excessive cook times
2. Place the item (Plate, container, mug) containing the food drink inside the microwave. If the food of drink is in an alumunium container, remove and place intosomethig that is microwave compatible.
3. Close the door and set the cook or reheat time as suggested for the particular food or drink. If no suggestion are given you may want to start with one to two minute, depending of the contents temperature. If contents are frozen, you can defrost first before actually cooking.
4. Restart microwave if additional cooking is needed after four minutes.
5. Check contents periodicly and to ensure even cooking
6. Remove cook carefully and or allow food to cool before removing.
6. How do you place the food in an alumunium container before put it in the microwave?
a. Remove and place the food microwave safe containers.
b. Just place it into the microwave
c. Wrap the alumunium container with paper
d. Place the alumunium container in to non alumunium container
e. Remove and place the food into another alumunium container.
7. How long do you set the microwave to cook if no suggestion or recommendation are given
a. 1-2 minute
b. 3 minute
c. 5 minute
d. 10 minute
e. 15 minute
8. Before cooking, we can defrost the food when,…
a. The containers is alumunium
b. It is particular food
c. The food is liquid
d. There is no suggestion
e. The content are frozen
9. If the food or drink is in alumunium container, remove and place into something that is microwave compatible.
a. Comfortable
b. Disable
c. Changeble\
d. Readable
e. Suitable

10. which of the following words is called adverb of time?
a. Actually
b. Periodically
c. Carefully
d. Inside the microwave
e. In an alumunium container
11. The following expression of satisfaction is ….
a. in my opinion
b. how do you like
c. I have complaint
d. It was satisfactory
e. What do you think
12. The following expression of offering opinion is…?
a. What have you done?
b. Are you satisfied?
c. Do you find service satisfactory?
d. What do you think?
e. Is everything ok?
13. I think your boyfriend is handsome, the following expression is?
a. giving opinion
b. offering satisfaction
c. asking opinion
d. expression satisfaction
e. expression dissatisfaction
14. The following expression of giving opinion is?
a. How do you like banana?
b. Do you think is going?
c. I don’t like your flower
d. What’s your opinion about Justin bieber?
e. Are you satisfied?
15. The following expression of advising is?
a. Are you satisfied?
b. What do you think of Bandung?
c. I think you should sport to be health.
d. It was satisfactory
e. I personally feel scary
16. Ajeng: how was your trip to Bali?
Ilham: …with it. I want to go there again next month.
a. I’m no happy
b. I’m really disappointed
c. I’m very pleased
d. I’m very unsatisfied
e. I’m very displeased
17. Rika:How was your visit to the zoo?
Reza:it was closed when I got there.
Rika:I’m sorry to hear that.
a. I’m really content
b. I’m satisfied
c. I’m very disappointed
d. I’m happy
e. I’m delighted
18. Which of the following sentence is awarning?
a. Come on in!
b. Be careful with that!
c. Sit down, pleas?
d. I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
e. I can you say it once again?
19. A mother asks his son to get a magazine.
Mother: …….
Son : sure, mom.
a. Can I have this magazine?
b. May I borrow this magazine?
c. Please buy me a magazine?
d. Whose magazine in this?
e. I wouldn’t do that this magazine?
20. Sarah:Sadam’s late again.
Citra:He is never on time. I think he … earlier
a. should have woken
b. could have woken
c. ought to wake
d. might have woken
e. would have woken
Dufan is the biggest amusement park in Indonesia. It is situated in Jakarta. We can take a ride on a huge roller coaster. There is also a new thing that we can try. It is the Tornado. We will feel different sensation after we ride on it.
16. The best title for the text above is……
a. Jakarta
b. Roller coaster
c. Tornado
d. Dufan
e. Indonesia
17. The correct statement based on the text is …..
a. Dufan is the large amusement park in Asia
b. We can swim in Dufan
c. We can fishing in Dufan
d. Dupan is a biggest
e. There is also a new things.
18. What is the purpose of the text?
a. to describe a place
b. to retell about a place
c. to describe how to build a place
d. to entertain some fish
e. to retell how to build a place
19. It is situated in Jakarta.
a. Located
b. Next to
c. Near
d. Between
e. Far
20. If visit Jakarta, I ….
a. will go to Dufan
b. would go to Dufan
c. would gone to Dufan
d. would have gone to Dufan
e. would have g1oes to Dufan
21. Hikmah : my pen is dying. Will you lend me yours
Donita : ……….I have more thanenough. Just use it. Ok?
a. Here it is
b. I’m sorry ,you may
c. Sure, lend me, please.
d. it’s up to you
e. Sorry, forgive me please.
22. Ghina : Dad, would you allow me to go with Yayu to Bandung square.
Father : ………… But don’t go home late to have for dinner.
a. No , you wouldn’t
b. No, you may. E. Yes,of couse
c. Yes, you allow.
d. Up to you
23. Rendi : Mom, is it alright if you do my homework at Kiki’s house?
Mother : ……. . Are you sure you will finish your homeworkwell?
a. It’s all right.
b. Of course you did.
c. Ye, sit’s denied.
d. No, thank you
e. Sure, i must leave.
24. Maria : May I go to the rest room, please?
Ulpa : ……… It’s over there.
a. Please take a rest.
b. certainly, rest in peace
c. Sure, no one in it
d. of course not
e. You have to enough rest

25. Sinta : ……….
Mr.Didi : Yes, youmay.
a. Excuse me, sir. Would you please come on in?
b. Excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I come in?
c. Sorry sir, i want to come in.
d. Forgive me, Sir. May i joining your class?
e. Thank you, Sir has a nice day.
26. Whichone is following expression of pain?
a. Lookout!
b. I’m suffering of a relapse
c. be careful of
d. Oh, it was fantastic.
e. Is everythink Ok?
27. Whichone is following expression of pleasure?
a. By all means.
b. I ‘m glade it was done.
c. Of course
d. Oh, it was fantastic.
e. How do you like
28. Whichone is the following expression of relief?
a. It’s very painful.
b. I’m sorry to hear that
c. Thank goodness
d. Look out!
e. I’m glad to hear that
29. My headphone is so beautiful, the underline word belong to…?
a. Article d. numerals
b. descriptive enumerator e.shape
c. Possesseve.
30. Young couple always postpone to having the children, the word young in the sentence belong to..?
a. Shape. D. size
b. Demonstrative. E. article
c. Age.
31. This, that, these, those. The underline word belongs to…?
a. Article. E. Possesive
b. Demonstrative.
c. Numerals.
d. Quantitative.
32. Which of the following statement is true?
a. I have much money today.
b. I want to bring a umbrella, when the rainy fall down!!
c. There is to many bed news on television tonight.
d. I would like a few salt on my vegetable.
e. He doesn’t have much money.

33 My body is wide, and your hair istall, the word wide and tall can be replaced with?
a. Shallow and long.
b. large and long
c. High and short.
d. High and sallow.
e. Big and long.
The market is called a floating market because the trade lakes place on boats – in Indonesia they are called klotok and Jukung. This market has existed for over 400 years. In the past, people from inland areas brought their agricultural produce or handicrafts to sell. They bartered with people from the coastal areas. Nowadays people; can buy things such as fruit, vegetables, traditional cakes and even clothes from this ‘pasar terapuang’. Another unique feature of these markets is the time of leading.
It begins around 5 a.m. and finishes at 9 a.m.
34. The text above is the form of …. .
a. narrative d. News items
b. descriptive e. recount
c. procedure
35. The paragraph mainly talks about ….
a. handicrafts d.agliculture produce
b. cakes and cuisine e. Unique features of
c. floating markets market

Do the following intruction
Change these active sentences into passive voice.

36. Several industries clears raiforest land for their needs.
37. Trees produce oxygen in photosinthesis process
38. Volcano eruption can spew massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere
39. Change the pasive voice sentences into active
The animal fed by the zoo’s staff.
Pets can be taught by the owner
40. Make a good sentence in conditional sentence type 1 and 2..