Soal UAS B. Inggris SMA X Semester 1

Pada soal di bawah ini, merupakan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMA X Semester 1 yang terdiri dari 40 soal pilihan ganda dan 5 soal essay. Semoga Soal UAS B. Inggris SMA X Semester 1 ini bermanfaat.

This text is for questions 1 and 2
My name is nindi sastra wijaya I live in singapure I speak englih I am teaer I teac at asenior hight school I love teacing there are forty my class I like listening to misic that “s about me

1. What speaker propesion ?
A. Student
B. Teacher
C. Musician
D. Head master
E. Houswife

2. What is nindi’s hobby ?
A. Playing piano
B. Teacing
C. Playing wite cilden
D. Listening to music
E. Shopping

This messege is for qusestion 3 and 4
Dear roland
I going to visit my grandma so i cant go to your hous tonight about english newspapers dont wory i wil buy it for you when i get back

3. What cant dery not go to roland’s house ?
A. He is busy
B. He is going to visit his grandma
C. He should buy newspapers
D. He doesent get back
E. He is sick at the houspital

4. I will buy it for you when i get back
The underlined word repres to ….
A. Roland grandma
B. Roland homework
C. Englis book
D. English newspapers
E. Stationery

This text is for questions 5 to 8

Surabaya february 21 2015
Dear anita
I have read with great delight your name in today ‘s morning newspapersyou havve won the town pllaner award you hard imensie service to your town have won you this honor
My sincrest wishes are with you pleasy accepet my conglatulation i am sure many people are succsesful your ambition a berning the bast buliding planner raigh ?
Weel kep the good work send my regarts to for perrens

5. What did luna conglations anita for
A. Wining and awards
B. Hard working
C. Getting a job
D. Building a town
E. Propesional job

6. Your hard work immenese service “
The underlined word means
A. Very litle
B. Thet best
C. Very big
D. Very detailed
E. Complicated

7. How did luna know the news
A. Someone tlod her
B. Someone call her by phone
C. She asked anita
D. She read in the newspapers
E. Propesional job
8. What anita ambition?
A. a governor
B. an arcithec
C. a building planner
D. engineer
E. a meting planer

This mesgeer is for questions 9 and 10
Dear dina
I saw your ferpomance last night your acting was very great i could cry when you where criying i thing you will be a good actrees i have something for you this braclent will swet on you

9. What did dina do last night?
A. She shot for a movie
B. She cried aloud
C. She acted on theatre
D. she bought brecelet
E. she sang on the stag

10. This brecelet will suit on you “
The underlined worsd has the closet meaning with,,,,,
A. Look attactive
B. be suitable
C. be diprent
D. Acpet property
E. Like

This text for questions 11 and 12
Mr sasta a 67 years old has ben reported missing snick febuary 10 2013 he has thick bread and mousthace with a cubby face he also has a mole on the porhead he wast lost seen werning a white shirt and red trousres he was los seen a man like in the description please call the nearest police station or mr joko at 25188581

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11. What this the text about ?
A. Biografy
B. Missing news
C. Nouncement
D. a job vacancy
E. Adperesment

12. What is the funcition of the desriftions ?
A. To identify
B. To critize
C. To promoty
D. Show the pride
E. To compliment

13. From the text above we know that
A. Mr sastra works at the police station
B. Mr sastra was pound
C. Mr sastra has a mole on his forehead
D. Mr sastra was last seen wearning white trousers
E. Mr sastra is arefouter

This taxt is four questions 14 to 16
Thomas : Setneliy recentle I did a carful estimation on your ferpomence on work I am satistied white your capability eppiciency and descisipens
Stenely: I am platered by your preise
Thomas : As a resuit I decidet to promote you as the sales manager
Stanely : You cant be asured that a acquired alsl the requiremens por this job i will familiar with the departemens duty and goals
Thomas : I am glaad to hear that neverteheles we need to discus about your newresponsibiites. Are you clear about your duties as asaales manager
Stanely : Yes a sales manager should make great efforts to achieve a higer goal himslep other then. That he should help the departemen to depini its goals and assit each indvidual to achieve .Their personal target as a leader of the team he sehould also keep the team motivated and inspried

14. What does thomas like from stanely ?
A. His capability skils and decision
B. His descesipeenes, stringht and appearance
C. His carefuleen teamwork and motivation
D. His capability , epiciency and depiscienees
E. His eficinency hardwork and goals

15. What is the result of stanely’s hardwork ?
A. He will be the manager of the company
B. He will be promoted as the sales manager
C. He will lead the departemen
D. He will choose the leader of his team
E. He will get a good salary

16. Which og the flowing statements is not the duties of sales msnsger ?
A. He shoud help the departemen to define its goals
B. He should assit eac indepidual to achieve their personal target
C. He should keep the team motivated
D. He should inspire the team
E. He should make the important regulation

This text is for question 17 to 20
Tower brigde is one of the most impreesive stuktur and sites in the capital and has stood over the river thames sinice 1894 as well being one of the most recognijable landmark in the world it is one of the most visited acrations in london in continues to be a working brigde to this day
The tower brgd exhibition lest you discover they history of the brige and how it was built throug interactive di lans and vidios about the landmark its pleace in the history of the river theames the thower bidge exhibition has just launched it moszt signivicent devalovmen sinice 1982 the glass welkway housed in the west welkway visitors can admire thower bridge from a uniqwue perspactive and look dwon on pasig boats and pedestrian underfoot and even catch the bassclus rising it you time it right from 42 m above the river the glass walkway is a must see it you nead any more convinicing the glass in made uf of vive thick layers and can hold equivalent weight of an eleprant and two taxis so you pretty sapes

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17. What is the taxt about ?
A. Tower bridge
B. The bascules
C. River thames
D. The capital of england
E. West walkway

18. where is it located ?
A. Italy
B. London
C. Egypt
D. Scotland
E. United states of america

19. When was it opened?
A. In 1800
B. In 1982
C. In 1804
D. In 1984
E. In 1894

20. How can the visitors admire the tower bridge ?
A. From the elephants
B. From the glass walkway
C. From the takis
D. By using the telecope
E. From the see

This text is four questions 21 to 24
Ujung kulon national prak is located in banten propince indonesia it includen the volcanik island group of krakatoa and other islands including panaitan , as well as semelier ofshpre istlest such as handeleum and fucang on the sunda strait seperal sevecies of endegarenred plants and animals can be found there ,the javan rhinoceros being the most seriously under threat
The park also protects 57 rare species of plant .the 35 species of mamal include banteng ,silvery gibon ,javan lutung ,crab-eating maca-que ,javan leopard , java mouse –deer and rusa derr .there are also 72 species of reptiles and ampibians ,and 240 species of brid .
Parts of today’s ational park and world heritage site have been protected since the early 20th century .krakatoa (or rather ,the trhee minor islets whice reamin of it)wa declared as a nature reserve in 1921 ,folowed by pulau panaitan and pulaau peuceung reserve in 1958 ,the gunung honje nature reserve in 1967 ,and most recentrly ujung kulon national park in 1992 .in 2005 the park was designated as an asean heritage park .

21. What is the texst about ?
A. The world heritage
B. Mount karakatoa
C. Ujung kulon national park
D. Pulau panaitan
E. Banten province

22. Whice animals is the focus there
A. Javan rhinoceros
B. Comodos
C. Sumatran tiger
D. Orangutans
E. Chocodiles

23. When was ujung kulon national park designated as an asean heritage site?
A. In 1921
B. In 1992
C. In 1937
D. In 2005
E. In 1967
24. …….the three minor islets whice remain of it ……..”
The underlened word has the similar meaning to……….
A. Island
B. Forests
C. Lands
D. Oceans
E. Areas

25. Man : Hi ,are you vita’s sister
Woman : Yes I am I’m Rrita
Man : Hi, I’m Rudy
What can we conclued from the dialogue ?
A. They know each other
B. Rudy dosen.’t know vita
C. They are cllasmtes
D. Ritaz close not know vita
E. Rudy has seen rita before

26. Man : Is that your father’s car?
Women : Yes it is
Man : Wow that’s wonthervul
Women : Thank’s
A. The women
B. The women’s car
C. The women’s father’s
D. The women’s bag
E. The women’s flenet

27. Tawangmangu ……. fresh weather secenic views , swiming pools bungalow styile hotels and restauran
A. Gives
B. Offer
C. Leads
D. Sees
E. Has
28. Kyai langgeng prak is named after one of the flowwers of prince diponogoro ,one of the indonesian heroes ……fought baravely againt the colonalist during diponogoro’swar (1852-1830)
A. Who
B. Which
C. When
D. Whose
E. Where

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29. Gili trawangan is also one of the world’s ceapeset and safest places to leam to wiht plenty of, revutabele dive scholls to chose from……
A. Swin
B. Visit
C. Snorkel
D. Enjoy
E. Dive

30. The ……meating lasted forever ?
A. Bore
B. Bored
C. Bores
D. Bear
E. Boring

31. In general any count of over 2000 fish sevesies on asingle dive …. very hight divesity site
A. Conists
B. Is considreing
C. Considred
D. Was consedread
E. Is considread

32. Bunaken national prak …. five island bunaken manado tua siladen montehage and nain as well as A part on the north sulawesi mainland
A. Conists of
B. Contains
C. Compris
D. Blongs
E. Divided

33. The filem derctore hous has the ……of a hollywoud movie set
A. Appear
B. Appereance
C. Appears
D. Appeal
E. Appearing

34. Japan’s national park ….. a wide range of envriomensts including volcanoes forests marshes, beaches,coastines and underwater marine habitas
A. Belong
B. Coer
C. Include
D. Make up
E. Ivolve

35. Now, the student …. their casseerom because tomorow will be the cleaning contest in their schools
A. Clean
B. Is cleaning
C. Cleans
D. Are cleaning
E. Cleand

36. The land is very wet because of the rain the antonym of the underlined word is
A. Cold
B. Thirsty
C. Hot
D. Muddy
E. Dry

37. Arrange the fllowing sentence into agood paragrafh
1) He usualy gets up at o’clock
2) He arrives at work at 6:30 every morning but it is 7:30 now and he is still driving
3) He usualy goes to work by train but today he is driving to work
4) Anton is a doctor he looks after sick people
5) Today he is late it is 6:30 and he is still in bed
The best arrangement is ……
A. 4-5-3-1-2
B. 4-2-3-5-1
C. 4-1-5-3-2
D. 4-3-1-2-5
E. 4-3-2-1-5
This text is for numbers 38 to 40
Moun fuji is with 3776 meters japan’s highest mountain , moun fuji is an active volcano which most recently erupted in 1708 it 38……..onthe border betwen yamanashi and shizuka perfecture and can be 39………. from tokyo and yokohama on clear days
If you want to enjoy moun fuji at a more leisurery pace and froom a nice 40………. souronding you should head to the fuji five lake [fujigoko] region at the norhtdem foot of the mountain or to hakone a nearbe hot spring resort moun fuji is officially open for climbing during july and agust via severeal routers

38. A. Stands
B. Locates
C. Has
D. Situates
E. Lies

39. A. See
B. Seen
C. Saw
D. Sees
E. Seeing

40 A. Nature
B. Native
C. Origin
D. Natural
E. Original

1. What is the meaning of the flowwing words? Then, make the sentences
a. Renovation …..
b. Renovate …..

2. Write sentences with the fllowing phrases
a. Annoyed visitors ….
b. Amazing ferpomance ….

3. Arrange the fllowing words into noun phrases
a. Wooden-square-two-boxes ….
b. Slim-a-spanish-beutiful-women …..

4. Write a congration card to your friend who is chosen as the chairman of osis ….

5. Write a descriptive about your beadroom ….